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Why Soulshift Seven?


We all feel disconnected sometimes. There are numerous points throughout our lives that we need to reconnect the dots and re-inspire hope. All is never lost. Healing comes in many forms and it's okay to ask for help. You are not alone and you are welcome here.


Empowerment is yours to discover. Here at Soulshift Seven we have tools to help you rise up and find your best self. If you are in need of powerful shifts (we call these soulshifts) in your life, then take a deep breath and stay awhile. There is a safe support system here, just for you.


Grace is the balance. The peace. The serenity we all desire. Grace is the free unmerited favor of the God of our own understanding. It's the space we reach when we come to complete forgiveness and surrender of ourselves. Surrender to the abundance and power that is freely given to all of us. Grace is the goal and it need not be given, only recognized. 

Work With Me:

Spiritual Counselor/Soulshift Mentor, Angel Intuitive Certified Practitioner, Reiki and Angel Card Reading Certified

  • Spiritual Counseling and Guidance
  • Angel Therapy
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Energy Healing

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