Balancing in a Shifting World

One. Step. At. A. Time.

That’s the goal, right? When life gets overwhelming, the heart is comforted by pausing, recalculating, and moving forward one step at a time. Panicking and rushing around doesn’t complete the tasks ahead of us, it only adds fear to them.

I’ve been confronted with a barrage of change recently, and I countered it by being inspired by what was happening, rather than allow it to sink in as anything but gratitude. This is never a perfect process and the lessons were many, but each step led to another that molded and created a potential new future. Why? Because that is what I chose to make of it. Despite the setbacks, despite the moments of loss or hurt, I still moved forward with intention led by a combined pull from mind, body, and spirit.

My intentions have led me to a few additions to my own spiritual toolbox that I also want to pass on to you. Take a moment to check out two new products that offer comfort and healing.

28 Days to A Soulshift was created from my desire to offer comfort and love to those that are hurting. It’s a side piece to my Freedom Therapy (RTT) that may suit the more introverted and those not quite ready to leap into hypnotherapy immediately. Although I’m confident that once you see it’s power, your next step will be a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

Essential Oils have been a constant in helping me heal both emotionally and physically during times of grief, stress, or just to aid in restful sleep. I’ve used them for years for anti-aging (people often mistake my age, so now you know my secret!), and am moving to replace all my beauty and household products with essential oils or essential oil infused items. I make special blends to suit whatever your need, and am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

I’ve decided to work with doTERRA not only because their oils are well known and trusted, but because their mission aligns with mine when it comes to wellness, environment, and holistic healing and responsibility. I am actively using doTERRA essential oils as well as building a group of advocates who love oils, and want to bring joy and healing to others. I’m not one to promote products and believe deeply in these oils to promote healing, because they have done wonders in my own life. You can contact me for more information on how to work with me directly. Feel free to reach out even if you just have questions.

I live everyday as though written on the walls is a reminder to balance. I keep items around the house that keep me in check and keep self-care in my forefront. I know that my intention to love and care for others cannot be realized, unless I love and care for myself.

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