Breaking Free of Past Love

Until now I've only offered this powerful four week, one on one program, by referral only. The massive results from clients have encouraged me to open this up to YOU. Due to the intensive 1:1, there is limited space and you could be scheduled out far in advance. 

If you are currently hurting from a lost love, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are carrying old pain from a past love, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are wanting to get over an ex, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are needing to clear old lovers from your system, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

Four weeks to Complete Transformation and opening you back up to receive love again!

The program includes Four 1:1 sessions that include coaching and counseling to unearth your true blocks, An Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session, a hypnotherapy session (RTT), and more!

Being in love is an incredibly vulnerable experience. That open state allows for a variety of emotions and energy to flow between us and our partner. The residual affects and pervasive impact that vulnerability carries, can be long lasting, and far reaching beyond the ending of a relationship. You can find yourself trying to navigate through feelings of loss, loneliness, and even grief because we continue to deeply hold and internalize that energy exchange within us. Past relationships, partners, and lovers can keep us hostage in that space for far longer than we anticipate, unless we intentionally and consciously remove that grip.

At the end of this four week 1:1 program with me, you will have broken free from the emotional and energetic bond you hold with your past love or partner, and ridding of the hopelessness and grief you may now feel without them or because of them. This will allow you to move freely and forward into healthy new relationships.

We will begin this journey together by creating understanding and clarity about where you are today and the truth behind what is holding you back from healing and leaving your past behind. We will then challenge your emotions, and thereby clarifying, nourishing, and strengthening them through several different and proven tactics. Each week you will be given a task that will enhance your emotional core, while giving you tools that you can build from for a lifetime.

We will complete our time together by helping you to discover freedom through understanding. We will unlock your deepest emotions in a loving, safe, and non-judgmental environment, leaving you with a full cup and feeling stronger and healed from any bondage that was keeping you in a space of hurt and grief.

If you gift yourself this opportunity of healing, through this powerful journey you will walk away with a new found personal power, sense of balance, and a soulshifting peace.

By choosing to Break Free from Past Love you will:

  • Be open to receive new and fulfilling relationships
  • Remove toxic energy and regain your emotional power
  • Live with more intention and within a space of gratitude
  • Learn a greater self-love with tools for re-framing loneliness and feelings of rejection
  • Clear old patterns and regain a greater sense of intimacy with yourself, as well as with current and future loves

Re-frame your past experiences:
Specifically through the powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session you will receive, you will be able to have a new perspective on your past relationships, allowing you to let go and move forward with peace and clarity.

You may find that as a result of  past experiences of  betrayal, emotional / sexual /and physical abuse, abandonment, violations of trust, power struggles, or just grief from a love that has left, that you have developed deep rooted challenges that manifest in many ways such as:

  • Low self-esteem, self-care, and self-love
  • Deep insecurity
  • Struggles with intimacy
  • Lack of trust for yourself, your choices, and others
  • A sense of failure in relationships or otherwise
  • Fear of being alone

Regardless of what we face in life, if we are empowered enough to find a true understanding of our past and clarity for our future,  we can ALWAYS transform a past experience into something powerful to grow and learn from.  This can translate into our new energy that sustains and strengthens us for an abundant future.

Break Free from Past Love $1177 (1:1 intensive)

$3500 worth of services and up to 8 hours of live coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy, and new tools to become your best self in love and life!

You will walk away with:

  • New tools and techniques to continue with your healing.
  • A powerful hypnotherapy session that has left you transformed!
  • A recording that you will listen to that will cement your change, growth, and healing.
  • A Seven day abundance and freedom ritual that will help you spark a powerful conversation with the Universe to bring in all that you desire.
  • A deep understanding of who you are, igniting new purpose, removing old blocks, and opening new doors to receive love and abundance.

Your 4 Week 1:1 Sessions

Week 1 Session

  • Identifying blocks and triggers
  • Understanding the real emotions behind what you're experiencing
  • Homework

Week 2 Session

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a POWERFUL form of healing. This modality encourages you to be present and identify your pain while turning it around to be used energetically in a positive way.
  • Cutting cords
  • Homework

Week 3 Session

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Session. I also call this Freedom Therapy because it offers freedom from anything and everything that binds you. It's AMAZING and my clients will all tell you the same thing. Transformation happens in just one session. You can find out more about RTT on my Freedom Therapy page. This is the GOLDEN TICKET to being free from your past love and free from that longing and loneliness that sticks with us after a break-up. These sessions can be long and intense but they always end with a feeling of peace and a huge weight being lifted. I can't tell you how truly phenomenal this form of healing is, you must experience it! Words don't do this work justice.
  • Homework

Week 4 Session

  • Processing of EFT and RTT
  • Seven Days of Freedom and Abundance Ritual
  • Tools for your emotional, mental, and spiritual toolbox

Break Free from Past Love $1177

(1:1 intensive)
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