Moving Past Heartbreak

Breaking Free of Past Love


Pain and grief is a part of this life’s journey, but suffering doesn’t have to be. There are a variety of experiences that can lead you to a place of suffering and even more that can keep you there.

Nothing can get you in a downward spiral more than unrequited love or a broken heart. I too have spent time mending a heart that felt in pieces far too often. It can be exhausting to navigate the world of love and relationships, and it can also feel hopeless at times. Love, dating, and connection has always been challenging. In today’s world we can find even more ways to hold on to something that needs to be let go of, causing recovery of past relationships to drag. Instant access to each other is a beautiful thing for relationships, but it adds an additional boundary when there is a need to move on from a current situation.

Because I know the deep hurt that comes with needing to let someone go, I wanted to find a way to help others get past their pain in a much quicker and healthier way. Holding on to the negative feelings that come from loss is the catalyst for the rabbit hole that is suffering.

Through my own hurt I worked to develop a program that would bring quick transformation and soulshifting healing. After a long time in development, I worked with private clients to amazing success every time! I’ve seen phenomenal change in every client whose been through this four week one on one course with me. Hearts have healed and perspectives have changed. I’ve been able to witness people not only moving on, but moving on with confidence and hope.

Until now, I’ve only worked through referrals for this very unique and transformative healing. I’ve been asked for the past year to open this up to the public. In hopes to reach as many people as possible I’ve now opened my calendar. Due to the intensive 1:1 four week program, I have to limit my clients and my calendar WILL fill up quickly. Contact me today to reserve your spot.

Find out more about my new 1:1 four week program and contact me for an appointment or more information.

If you are currently hurting from a lost love, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are carrying old pain from a past love, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are wanting to get over an ex, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you are needing to clear old lovers from your system, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.


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