28 Days to A Soulshift


Soulshift Seven’s, 28 Days to a Soulshift, will get you on a permanent path of abundance and positive change.

Here is what 28 Days to A Soulshift looks like:
℘ You get a personalized and powerful hypnotherapy recording that fits specifically to your need. Repetitive affirmation and meditation is the foundation to making significant change on a subconscious level. This recording is not a meditation, although it will feel very similar. It is geared to reaching you on a deep level and personalized to address your unique needs. You can choose from the list below or request something specific.

Freedom From:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Addiction
  • Smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Anger

℘ You get a Soulshift Prescription Box sent to your home. This box includes some unique and amazing items that will get you inspired and motivated. A few items your box will include is a unique and recorded by me: meditation CD, a gift to remind you of intention, a gift for comfort, and more! Each box is made with love and specific intent to remind you that you’re deeply cared for. Each item is hand picked or made, and comes with a description for use.  Your prescription box, paired with your hypnotherapy recording, will create a deep and intentional soulshift that will set you on the path to your best self.


Using plant based essential oils is a powerful way to be come spiritually, mentally,  and physically balanced.

Hypnotherapy Recording

Custom, Anxiety and Depression, Addiction, Smoking, Weight loss, Lack of Confidence, Anger

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