Angel Card Reading


Are you looking for guidance? Need clarification on health, love, or life purpose?


Are you looking for guidance? Need clarification on health, love, or your life purpose?

Angel Readings are the easiest way to get clear quick answers, especially if you’re stressed, worried, or feeling sensitive to a certain situation.

All my readings come from a place of love and light. I connect with my Angels, God, and my Guides to hear divine guidance and what your Angels and Divine want you to know about your questions. As a Certified Angel Card Reader, I use a variety of card decks and will use the one I feel works best for your question. The more detail you give, the more clarity I will have.

Instructions for your reading:
℘ Follow to payment.
℘ Once payment is verified, send your question through the Angel Card Reading form.
Payment is for one three card reading. On many occasions I will use more cards or even multiple decks. It depends on your question and how I’m intuitively led.
℘ For a clear reading, ask one detailed question that is specific and clear.
℘ Within 48 hours you will receive a detailed reply from me, a picture of your cards pulled and their meanings, as well as my intuitive interpretation of the meaning. I may ask questions and from there we can do follow-up if necessary.


Once you have paid FILL OUT THIS FORM and you will receive your reading within 48 hours once payment has been verified.