Soulshift Mentor Sessions (Bundle 1)


Three Soulshift Mentor Sessions Bundle

You already have the tools; your best self is waiting. Do you know where to start?


You already have the tools; your best self is waiting. Do you know where to start?

I do.

I have been to the bottom, seen my grief haltered to a darkness I wasn’t sure I could escape from. I have been broke, homeless, depressed, afraid, hurting, and without direction.

Despite all of those things, I built a business (or several) and found my purpose along the way. Not without opposition, lack of support, or my own demons to sabotage me. I have learned self-love, to embrace my magic, and to let go of the things that no longer serve me. In this I have grown closer to my God and discovered emotional, spiritual, and physical abundance.

I can support you down this same path that I have grown to know so well. I have written directions along the way!

From a safe, non-judgmental place, I offer guidance in:

  • Goal setting
  • Action items to find your purpose and best self
  • Tools for self-love
  • Emotional, spiritual, and physical abundance
  • & More

If you are ready to take action and do the work, contact me for a free consultation. I will assess your needs and we can discuss a brief action plan.

Sessions are forty-five minutes  in-person (if in service area), video chat, and phone sessions depending on need and availability. Plans include worksheets, Soulshift action items, and more created uniquely for you.


Pricing includes:

Three Sessions – $241.00 ($50.00 Discount!)

Important Notice: Soulshift Sessions can be booked out months in advance due to demand and availability.


*Read disclosures prior to requesting a consultation.