What is a Soulshift?

There are different explanations for a Soul Shift. Some use this as reference to people passing from this life, or to enlightenment. Many use it, as do I, in the more transformative sense.

Soulshift (one word) came to me as I was creating my course, Mastering Your Existence. It was a term that revealed itself over and again as a special nudge and focus. It has become the Soulshift Seven foundation as we grow our spiritual toolbox.

Soulshifts are moments of refocus and new perspectives. They can come in a large aha moment or they can come from action to create them as we look to grow. If you are seeking change, enlightenment, understanding of self, or just tools for discovering your purpose, then you are seeking soulshifts.

Moments of clarity as you work towards your best self.

In numerology: the number seven is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth. The seven doesn’t take anything at face value—it is always trying to understand the underlying hidden truths. The seven knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.

Soulshift Seven is for seekers. Searchers of truth and enlightenment. Those who desire change and their best self.

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