Who is Soulshift Seven For?

We are for those that are seeking.

We spend a lot of time judging each other. It’s not always conscious or malicious, but it’s often there. Those feelings can foster hate and heartache, and quickly remove your ability for growth and abundance.

Soulshift Seven is a safe place that not only holds no judgment but creates a community that does the same. We are only concerned with your wellbeing, joy, and healing. We are not concerned with your race, choice of partner, religion, social status, or gender identity. We offer healing, empowerment, and grace equally among ALL those who are seeking.

If you are seeking a safe place, you have found it. If you are seeking a place to learn and grow spiritually, you have found it. If you are seeking a place that supports the God of your own understanding, you have found it. If you are just seeking change or need healing, we are so glad you’re here.

We are not a place of religion but of discovering your best self and tapping into the gifts our creator has given each of us. Faith is a personal choice and it is honored here for all that are part of Soulshift Seven and all that join our community. If you are open to learning and pushing yourself beyond what you have been told, what you currently feel is truth, and want to do the very personal and introspective work, then you will find a home here. No one will tell you what is right or what to do (but may offer loving suggestions), you will only be asked to search for your personal truths and listen to the inner voice that has always been there.

At Soulshift Seven, this is what we know:

  • You have the tools to be your best self
  • You are loved and supported by the Universe and its creator
  • You are strong, capable, and more powerful than you know
  • You are amazing

What we (or anyone) Do Not know:

  • What truly, with all the details, happens after we die
  • All the wonderful things beyond what we feel exists, and those limitations, if any
  • What everyone is going through
  • What everyone should believe or what our creator believes and feels
  • What YOUR truth is
  • The full extent of the gifts we have been given (new ones always appear!)

You are an individual that has been influenced by your culture, your upbringing, and your journey to today. All of these factors make up our values and belief systems. It is OKAY to question those systems and discover yourtruths, not the ones you’ve been told to have. It is everyone else’s job to respect your search and allow for you, without judgment, to grow a relationship with your best self and the God of your own understanding.

The reason we refer to God as the God of your own understanding is because your relationship with who you call God, Divine, Jehovah, creator, or whatever your title, is different than mine. Your experiences with your higher power or the one you call God, will be different than mine. Only you can build a personal relationship and make that discovery. My faith system is based on a variety of experiences that have grown and evolved over time. My faith and foundation, despite what some may believe due to my evolution, has never changed. I remove shame or judgement from myself and others, and give grace, as we all continue on our individual journeys.

Thank you for being here and for your courage in seeking. It is inspiring.

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